Vinkkeli's private dining room

Our elegant private dining room is in the renovated coal cellar of the building, which was built in 1889. This cosy space, with its vintage brickwork, is suitable for casual get-togethers, group meetings, or formal dinners. It can also be used for convivial wine tastings conducted by Vinkkeli’s resident sommelier.

A communal table seats as many as sixteen guests and a 55-inch high resolution television monitor can be used for presentations.

More information and reservations: +358 29 1800222 or

Vinkkeli’s private dining room is a cosy venue for wine tastings conducted by the restaurant’s award-winning sommelier. You can choose from popular standard themes, or consult with the sommelier for a unique experience to suit any occasion.

Examples of Vinkkeli’s wine tastings:

Cheerfully Bubbly Sparkling World
A glass of bubbles can be an everyday delight or declare a party has started! Sparkling wine can be an enjoyable pairing for each course of a meal. During the Cheerfully Bubbly Sparkling World tastings you will taste Italian prosecco, Catalan cava, and of course the queen of sparkling wine, champagne.

Small Producers, Big Champagnes
Champagne region is full of small and unique farmer-producers. Small Producers, Big Champagnes tastings will introduce you to carefully selected specialties and rising stars of Champagne region.

European Classics
This is a connoisseurs’ journey to the most classical and prestigious regions of the old continent. You will taste rieslings from the verdant river valleys of Germany, Nebbiolo from the fog-shrouded hills of Piedmont, and of course the legendary wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Cheese and wine
The marriage of wine and cheese is sealed in heaven. During the tasting we will taste legendary European cheeses along with white, red and fortified wines.

Sweet Wine Tasting
If dessert crowns a meal, a sweet dessert wine is the jewel in the crown. In this tasting you will make a fascinating journey through time with stories of past centuries, to be found alongside a charming sampler of desserts or cheeses.

More information and reservations: +358 29 1800222 or